pork scratchings letter from Yorkshire Produce
The Hairy Bar Snacks Letters Page

We get loads and loads of emails from fans of the humble pork scratching.

It's probably because there are very few outlets for these types of 'ramblings'. However we sometimes get emails from people who seem to have missed the point.

Everyone knows that this website reviews pork scratchings and reviews pubs that sell pork scratchings. We sell pork scratchings from our shop page via third party sources such as amazon and ebay..

We also show pictures of real pork scratchings and pork scratching bags. There are a few other bits and bobs, but we are sure you get the idea.

How can so many people get this so terribly wrong (if you know, let us know).

Name: Jane cotton

Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXX@hotmail.co.uk

Query: Hey just to say my cat marley goes nuts for your shakey pork scratchings he's an addict he knows there in my bedside drawer and to top it all they have run out in totton liquor store across the road so where else in southampton can I purchase them please please I'm so desperate I live in southampton

Name: Johnson

Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com

Review: I purchased these pork scratchings at a pub I used to frequent, usually unbelievably inebriated. The barmaid as I recall, had enormous norks and my memory of their unfettled exuberance whilst sozzled on West Country cider leads me to leave this review. One night, after consuming at least 10 pints of fermented apple juice rocket fuel I decided upon a physical assault of the stomach, by ordering and then consuming 10 packets of said pork scratchings. What happened next beggars belief. My next waking moment was in hospital, my stomach being pumped, the busty barwench by my side...I went on to marry her and we have 4 very well fed children who exist purely on pork scratchings and breast milk...

Name: christine bell

Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXX@gmail.com

Review: i do not like to complain, but i have eaten the butchers traditional for years now, (i have strong teeth lol) and just lately they seem to be lacking in something, ie salt, and also you seem to be over cooking them, at one time i could crunch and chew, now its just crunch, a bit bland really, plus you dont put the salty bits in, you know, the bits that gathered in the bottom of the bag,scratchings are not out of date, just lacking, ...sorry

Name: jose roman

Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXX@aol.com

Query: i intresting to buy the packing maching to crackling.

Name: Wesley

Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com

Query: i would like to inform you of my dissatisfaction with your product on my last purchase i always buy you pork scratchings and i am normally very happy with your product but on my last buy i open the packet to find there was no substance to the food and only a mixture of soft crumbs which i didn't dare eat as i believe it wasn't healthy to consume i look forward to hearing from you.

Name: yasmin cox

Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com

Query: complaint: i have been buying 2 bags of your pork scratching from londis on abbotsbury road for the last year, every single day. the last 10 or so bags i have got have been covered in hair. im not sure if its a fault with the machine or just not shaved properly. Because they are suppose to be hair free. like your advert says. false advertisement. And i have a picture that i could show you? thank you.

Name: karan larner

Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXX@westbourne-leisure.co.uk

Query: Can you please send a price list for both cleaning products and snacks.

Name: abbey

Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXX@hotmail.co.uk

Query: Hi i was wanting to buy some quince apples and was told that you may have some in stock. Is it possible you can tell me how much they are, and if i can place an order on line.
Thank you

Name: Round House Nottingham

Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com

Query: Hi Its the Round House Nottingham Here, could you please forward me your number for ordering from you, ive mislayed it. Many Thanks

Name: Ann Palmer

Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com

Query: This is a message for Lynn Squirrels. Thank you for making our holiday so special. Tryed to go on your hotmail but kept sending it back! Hope to be over again at christmas. Thank you once again. Take care. Love Ann and Danny. xx

Name: Jennifer Shergold

Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXX@aol.com

Query: I have taken the crackling back to Tesco's where I have today purchased them, I feel sick,and a tingling in my throat.
The apple sauce was pierced obviously from the crackling, and the crackling was soft and damp, awfull.
What would these have been like by the out of date stamp December, I hate to think.
I think while they Tesco's are taking it up with you they should come of the shelfs.
Been adviced to go to the doctors, as I am feeling ill, only ate 2, and did not try the apple sauce,as it was pierced.

Name: Mark Morgan

Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXX@tiscali.co.uk

Query: Dear Mr Church, Further to our telephone conversation, I confirm the following:
I bought a packet of Pork Scratchings today (13/08/2011) from the Hoop Public House in Stock, Essex, which were hairy and very hard.
They were so hard that I have broken in half one of my teeth, one of the rear molars. I will send the empty packet to you over the next few days.
Hopefully you will reinburse my dental charges for the repairs to my tooth.
Mark Morgan

Name: Dave Thomas

Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXX@yahoo.co.uk

Query: Delicious but my instructor does not like the mess created in the oven. Could I leave the lid on the cooking receptacle and would this solve the problem? Dave T.

Name: Iman Omar

Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXX@vodafone.com

Query: Hi, I live in the UK and am coming on holiday to el gouna next week. I was wondering if you will be covering the royal wedding on the Friday? And are children welcome as I have a toddler!
Thanks for letting me know

Name: Mr A Graham

Email: XXXXXXXXXXXXX@hotmail.co.uk

Query: dear sir, i purchased a bag of your best ever mr porky pork scratchings on 4/jan/10 from the wardley legion ciu club in gateshead and payed 50p there where 6 pieces of scratchings in the bag. is this your correct price or are we being ripped off.if this is the case i will buy a different product elsewhere.

Name: Claudia Dal-Pos


Query: Dear Sirs and Madams, I would like to ask if it is possible to order some packs of "Knabbelspek", sended by post to me. We like it very much and in earlier years we bought it a lot of times in your supermarkets in Zandvoort / Vogelenzang. We donīt come so much time to the Netherlands (we live in Germany), so I want you to tell me, if it would be possible to send 4 or 5 packs per post and what cost would be.
Thanks for your friendly answer.
Yours sincerely
Claudia Dal-Pos.