Ray Gray, Apple Sauce Dip Pork Crackling Review

Bag Size: 80g
Reviewed: 21st September 2008

Purchased from: Free sample pack greatly appreciated

Hairy Bar Snack Review: We have been looking forward to these for a while now, saving them for a special occasion, but none came up, so to the pub we went...
The bag is large and heavy and gold, a fairly minimal design, but the gold bag really does the job.

We open the bag, and notice that they smell really nice. Not fishy or stale, generally we find that scratching taste better than they smell, so if this is to be the case we are in for a treat.

Inside we see a small white pot with a foil lid, inside is the apple sauce dip, intriguing.

Scratching wise, there is a full range of colours from light to dark, so hopefully they are all perfectly cooked. The sizes and shapes however are different from all other scratchings we have ever seen. Each piece seems to long and thin. Pig skin dippers! This must be deliberate, and we like this attention to detail.

I generally don't like sweet things, so I can't really comment too much on the merits of the apple sauce dip. As far as we are concerned however, it does add a new dimension to our favourite snack. We recommend that you try them.

The pieces are hard and fresh, but are thin enough so that you won't break your teeth. In short, they taste excellent... ...they are perfect. However, they are not salty at all, almost no salt, but I suppose this is to be expected when supplied with a sweet apple sauce dip. With regards to mixing salt and sweet, I for one like to get the salt and sweet popcorn option from the cinema, so it's not unheard of to have both types of flavours.

There are absolutely NO small bits in the bag, almost as if they have been hand selected. There is also NO dust at the bottom.


Thanks: Thanks to Graham Jebb at Ray Gray snacks


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