Shakey's, Traditional Black Country Pork Scratchings Review

Bag Size: 80g
Reviewed: 11th August 2008

Purchased from: Free sample pack greatly appreciated.

Hairy Bar Snack Review: A good Looking 80G clear bag, just the size we like. They have a slightly plain smell, not fishy or porky like many others reviewed.

There is a wide range of colours from light to mid brown, not a sign of a burnt or overdone piece. There are a few very dark flecks on the light scratchings, which we don't know the reason for.

Perfectly salted.

Sizes range from really big (see pic) to smaller bits. Random shapes, from big and curly to long and straight. Some really thin, some huge squares, a very interesting selection.

They are fresh, not light and airy, but really quite heavy. Very very hard skin, which scratched the roof of my mouth.

No hairy bar snacks.

They have a good flavour, not artificially bacon like, but good and strong.
They are neither dry or greasy, but strangely fairly sticky.

There are no really small bits, no tiny bits, but there is some greasy dust at the bottom with a lot of flavour, nice.

If a single roasted scratching is hard and dense, and a double roasted one light and puffy, then some of these seem to sit somewhere in between, some small puff bubbles on a hard scratching. Unique and very nice.

Thanks: Thanks to John Shakespeare for the free samples.


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Shakey's, Traditional Black Country bag

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