Mr Trotters, Great British Pork Crackling Review

Bag Size: 60g
Reviewed: 26th October 2012

Purchased from: free samples

Hairy Bar Snack Review: Mr Trotters, Great British Pork Crackling is another new posh scratching variety from RGS. Focusing on British ingredients and promoting a more 'natural' product by only adding salt.

The design of the bag is nice, it looks like a traditional paper bag with an old fashioned British holiday resort, wartime illustration of Mr Trotter.

So, here we go, we open the bag, and they look different from what we would expect, they are not scratchings and they are not crunch.

They smell very dry and a little bit fake, but is this because we are not used to this type of thing.

They are very crunchy and crispy, every part from the skin through to the skin. the skin is not usually this crispy. The amount of salt seems just right, let's hope that we find it's not too much by the end of the bag.

Surprisingly for a snack that is high in fat, they actually taste like they are a healthy snack, light and crispy not heavy and gooey. Some scratchings are fatty and taste fatty, when they should taste of scratchings.

They are very crispy. They are very bubbly.

The flavour is really intense and does not seem artificial, but actually quite natural. In a strange way, they have a certain sweet quality which is really nice. It's not sweet like a cake and out of place, but the type of sweet that compliments savory foods.

There is a full range of meat, fat, skin and hair, which is unexpected for a product that seems to be looking for a new market. By this, we mean he market that's afraid of the obvious association with the pig that supplied the snack you are eating. Meat and hair are a clear reminder, and the bits of a scratching that some people turn their nose up to.

Lots of dust and even more flavour at the bottom.

Perfect. Try them.

Thanks: thanks to RGS for the free samples


Mr Trotters, Great British bag

Full Bag of Mr Trotters, Great British Pork Crackling
Empty Bag of Mr Trotters, Great British Pork Crackling
Actual Picture of a Mr Trotters, Great British Pork Crackling