Prestige Pork Scratchings Review

Bag Size: 42g
Reviewed: 14th january 2011

Purchased from: Free samples greatly appreciated

Hairy Bar Snack Review: 42g clear bag, it's nice to be able to see what's inside the bag for once.

On the bag are some rosettes, awards for... let's wait and see if they get one from us.

We open the bag, they smell porky with a slight fishy flavour underneath, nice. You can also smell the oil that they were cooked in.

It's a medium size bag, probably / hopefully just the right size. goldilocks...

The pieces are either enormous planet size monsters or tiny fellows + dust.

They all have a very dark colour, which usually means that they are overcooked, but these aren't, they are just right. They do look quite oily and have a slight dusting of flavour over them.

The first one that we eat is almost the perfect scratching, the scratching that keeps on giving, crunch after crunch, chew after chew and swallow.

The fat is soft, the skin is hard, there is some meat, but sadly there are no hairs.

They are really fresh, hard and crunchy, they have an intense flavour, probably too much for a bigger bag.

There is no dust at the bottom, just a few little bits, and a nice balance of dusty salt at the end to finish it off.

Th salt level is perfect all the way through.




Prestige bag

Full Bag of Prestige Pork Scratchings
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