Midland Snacks - Traditional Pork Scratchings Review

Bag Size: 99g
Reviewed: 6th August 2007

Purchased from: The Forester

Hairy Bar Snack Review: I eat this bag in the pub where purchased The Forester Pub, Manford Way. The Beer is good, the atmosphere is perfect, I'm quietly confident.

I open the bag to find a quite meaty and slightly sweet smell, there is an excellent variety of shapes sizes and colours. Big to small, light to dark.

In the top I can mainly see big pieces, which look quite salty. However these pieces are so big, the amount of salt you can taste is negligible. They are really crunchy and fresh (crispy), some are very hard, and to the uninitiated these could be classed as dangerous. The standard warning;
ONLY RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE WITH STRONG HEALTHY TEETH seems like a warning worth heeding. Hard Skin, soft fat, fibrous meat, all of which are perfect. Strangely there are very few with hairs on them. There are some pieces of pure fat, these are sweet and buttery, not in a sickly way, but in a good way, like the butter on fresh toast.

They are pretty salty, and a 99g pack would raise the blood pressure of virtually anyone. You would definitely need a drink with bag. Time for a sip of Fosters (I know I should be drinking bitter, but this is what I like to drink in this pub, and in this weather, it is the middle of summer after all!).

The range of flavours is quite unique among pork scratchings. Because the skin, fat and meat have such differing flavours, and the range of shapes is so huge, this leads to a huge range of subtly differing flavours, which keeps your attention right to the bottom of the pack. Some larger bags can get quite tedious at times.

The bottom has no scratching dust or salt, this would indicate a good scratching given gentle transit. The pieces found at the bottom are all small purely fatty pieces, and therefore all fairly sweet... ...can you see where this is going... ...pork scratching dessert.


Thanks: Thanks to Nigel Moore at Midland Snacks


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