The Forest Gate Inn, Epping, Essex - Pub Review

Scratching brand on sale: Mr Porky - Pork Scratchings
Scratching location: Left hand side of the bar, right at the front, good position.
Review Date:
Date: 2008-04-28
Pub review: A lovely old pub, low beamed ceilings, stone floor, healthy bookshelves over on the left of the pub (books for sale from 25p all proceeds to charity). A sparse pub with a deceptively warm and cosy feel.
No music, no fruit machines, no mobile phone answering, EXCELLENT! All you can hear is the sound of conversation, nice.
A good place to meet and talk to friends, and equally good to visit alone to read your book.
The tables have the perfect patina, of old varnish wiped clean with soap and water over years and years, this leaves lovely smooth surfaces (No horrible pink squirty bar table cleaner is used here) hooray! Plenty of beer mats, a sight that is becoming increasingly rare these days.
The beer selection is good, Fosters was nice and clean, Bitburger was a taste shock at 1st, but is definitely worth a bit of perseverance and is very nice. The Guinness I had was served in an imperfectly cleaned glass (I blame the dishwasher), this being illustrated by the micro-fine bubbles and drinking lines on the inside, this makes the pint look a little greyish and not the desired jet-black. A personal bug bear of mine.
The pub dog is a wiry haired curious and friendly lady, who knows where to go when in need of the call of nature.
The front garden has plenty of seating on it's own little green, with a few dilapidated old out buildings to add to the original feel.
Garlic Bread 1! Very highly recommended.
Pickled eggs? Not on sale.

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Address: The Forest Gate Inn,
111 Bell Common,
Postcode: CM16 4DZ
Telephone: 01992 572 312
Forest Gate Inn - Epping - Essex - Exterior
Forest Gate Inn - Epping - Essex - Interior
Forest Gate Inn - Epping - Essex
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