jay's Pork Scratchings

BARS & PUBS - Lots of them sell scratchings, but sadly some don't!

This page reviews the all the pubs we have visited that sell pork scratchings and a few of the notable pubs that deserve inclusion, even if they don't. There is a picture of the pub exterior and another of the scratchings in situe!

We fully understand that you get pork scratchings from the pub, so it could be argued that this site should be called 'Hairy Pub Snacks' but because we think the pub is where you are, you'll get scratchings from behind the 'Bar'. So to be clear it's not where you get them from if you are on the street, but where you get them from when you are in the pub, and this would be at the bar.

Landlords, managers, bar staff and pot boys, Tell us where your pub is, and where the pork scratchings are, send us a picture of the pub, the scratchings in situe, and/or a picture of the pack. Come on get involved.

We really would appreciate your pictures, so please send them to us them, take them with a digital camera or mobile phone, we are happy to receive anything you can send us.

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